How to Construct a Gazebo Bar

What You'll Need
Concrete mix
Wooden lattice

If you want to construct a suitable bar for your garden, then you can combine two structures and build a gazebo bar. Also known as a barzebo, you can build this interesting little garden accessory in a matter of a few hours and use it for many summers to come. Combining the traditional garden gazebo with elements of South American tiki bars, you should have hours of fun in this place. Making a gazebo bar involves changing around a few details on a traditional gazebo plan, but this should not be too hard.

Step 1 - Design your Gazebo Bar

Begin by drawing up some plans for your gazebo bar. This should follow the same rough design of most gazebos, including the octagon pattern, and the lattice at the windows. You should incorporate a bar by leaving space around the side for people to sit with stools. Make sure that you take careful measurements of the area before you begin creating your gazebo bar.

Step 2 - Create the Foundation

Dig a foundation for your gazebo, following your plans as closely as possible and remembering to add space for seats. Pour concrete into the hole, and leave to dry. Use a mix of gravel and concrete to give the foundation a firm base, and pour it evenly and steadily to get the best base for the gazebo. You can then cover over the concrete and leave it to dry overnight.

Step 3 - Build the Supports

Build some long supports by digging holes for the wall posts. You should have these around the edge of the foundation, with 3 feet or so between each of the supports. You should place the wooden posts into the holes, and then cover with a small amount of earth. Over this base, pour the concrete and allow the posts to settle.

Step 4 - Build the Walls

Using some more lumber, create a series of shelves at about stomach height. Screw these into the support posts, leaving one side without a bar. You can then attach lattice to the lower half of each wall (except the one without a shelf), leaving the top ones open. You could add two or three pieces of lattice around the edges of the walls, as these will provide shade to the barman.

Step 5 - Make a Roof

You can now make a roof for your gazebo. Using some canvas, stretch it over the top of your support posts, and extend it slightly on each side so that those sitting around the bar are covered. Put wooden timbers around the top of the gazebo, and fasten the canvas to this. Secure the timber and the canvas to the wall supports with string, and add varnish to the wood, if you prefer, leaving to dry overnight.  Add some seats, and you now have a gazebo bar in your garden.