How to Construct Trampoline Nets for Safe Jumping

child jumping on a trampoline
  • 2-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-150
What You'll Need
Zip ties
Measuring tape
Metal clips and rings
Nylon nets
Nylon cord
Aluminum poles
Masking tape
Sewing machine
Nylon thread
Drill and bits
Spray paint

A trampoline is great exercise, and a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous, which makes trampoline nets an important part of safety. With trampoline nets in place, they prevent someone from inside falling out and getting hurt. Purchasing trampoline nets can cost a lot of money, but the article below will show you how to make them.

Step 1 - Measure the Trampoline

To create trampoline nets, you need to determine the size of the trampoline. Tape one end of the measuring tape to the edge of the trampoline and then pull it all the way around. Add several inches to the measurement. You also need to decide how tall the trampoline nets need to be. The height of trampoline nets should be around 10 or 12 feet. This height will require two to four courses of nylon net.

Step 2 - Sew the Netting

trampoline with netting

Spread out each of the nets. Be careful to not tangle the nets. Choose a net to start with and then pull another net until it is on the edge of the first. Overlap the edge by an inch. Do this with each net, including the nets that go on top of the first course, to make the height you chose. Cut out lengths of nylon cord to be approximately two-inches long. Thread a piece at the center, bottom and top of each panel, to connect them, and then knot each piece twice. Do not put any cord on the ends of the netting. Place another piece on an angle from one hole on one net to a hole on the next net. Do this for each hole, alternating from net to net, to create an “X” pattern. Continue down the entire length of the net and for each panel.

Step 3 - Make the Trampoline Enclosure

Sew Velcro along the length of each open end. The Velcro seals both ends of the trampoline net together. Thread a metal ring through the top of the net every four-feet.

Step 4 - Prepare the Poles

child jumping on a trampoline on a sunny day

In order for trampoline nets to be effective, they need a place to hook on to. Drill a hole through each aluminum pole at the top. Thread the clip through the hole. Keep in mind that you will need one pole for every four-feet.

Step 5 - Install the Trampoline Nets

The trampoline itself will be used to guide you to properly installing the trampoline nets. You want one post for each four-foot section. Use the measuring tape and spray paint to mark these sections. Place an aluminum pole at each of these spots, and then hammer it in place with the mallet to a depth of one-foot and six-inches. Make sure the hook is facing inside the trampoline. Hang the net by placing the ring through the hook, and then snapping the hook shut. Place zip ties around the aluminum poles and netting to secure the trampoline nets.