How to Control Bishop's Weed in Your Lawn

Bishop’s weed, also called Snow on the Mountain, is either light green with variegated edges or dark green with non-variegated leaf. It is a nuisance plant and kills the natives in the lawn. Following are a few tips on how to get rid of this weed if it does attack your lawn:

Bishop’s weed has very invasive roots that spread very fast. Be cautious of any new plants gifted to you by friends. Their roots will have mud which might have some of these weeds and once in your lawn, will create havoc. Be wary of garden soil you buy from places where it has not been heat-treated to rule out any weeds.

One way you can get rid of Bishop’s weed is by getting to its roots. Shovel up the top 2 inches of the soil in your lawn and sift the soil to remove all the rhizomes. Give hot sun treatment to the soil and when it’s dry, spread the clean soil back in your lawn.

Another way of getting rid of this weed is to cover the whole lawn during winter with heavy black plastic and leave it there for the next few months. Lack of sun and moisture will kill Bishop’s weed.

Chemical treatment involves using Roundup, which has the ingredient glyphosate. This will target the roots directly and kill the weed on contact