How to Control Sand Bees

Sand bees, or ground bees, are a particular breed that go down into the soil to establish their hives. This makes noticing them and getting rid of them all the more difficult.

As a rule of thumb, if you leave them alone, they will do the same to you. However, if they are being a pest, the first step to take is to see if a local beekeeper is willing to come take care of the problem for you, as they are often willing to do so for free. If not, an exterminator would be a good alternative, as they can come assess the situation and take of it for you. These options are highly favorable to dealing with the bees yourself, especially if you are not sure of your allergic status in relation to them. Bee stings as well as wasps bites, which also sometimes burrow in the ground, can be fatal to some people, and it is important to keep an epi-pen in a first aid kit around the premises as a precaution. If you are wanting to tackle the task yourself, here are some helpful steps:

  • Locate the entrance to the hive, being sure to wear protective yellow gear and holding a sugar beverage to attract them away from you.
  • Return to the hive at night. Cover it with a bucket and, while standing ten feet back, spray the bucket with Raid on the sides until there is a good amount of insecticide pooled at the bottom.
  • Invert the bucket over the opening of the nest and place a few bricks on top for weight.
  • Leave the bucket there for 2 to 4 days.