How to Convert a Baby Crib into a Daybed

What You'll Need
Box spring

The daybed is a next step for an infant growing to be a toddler. You can save money by modifying the crib to make it into a daybed. You can purchase a crib to daybed kit, but you can also convert a normal crib into a daybed. The following article will show you how to modify a normal crib to make it into a functional daybed.

Step 1 - Side Hardware Removal

A daybed, when you think about it, is merely a crib with three sides instead of four. The first step to a proper conversion is the removal of certain hardware. Choose the long side of your choice. Inspect the sides of the side and remove any screws, bolts or latches that secure it to the end pieces.

Step 2 - Bottom Hardware Removal

Inspect the piece to be removed at the bottom this time. You may need to crawl under the crib to locate the brackets. Remove the screws and the brackets but being careful to not allow the side to fall on you.

Step 3 - Daybed Conversion

With the long side removed you can now add a box spring under the mattress to finish the crib to daybed conversion.