How to Convert a Carport into a Garage

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Did you know that with a few tools and some handiwork that you can turn your carport into a fully functioning garage? Because a carport is essentially a garage without walls or a door, this project requires little construction. To get started, check out the DIY below.

Note: For “Step 3 – Adding a Garage Door,” you will need to consult a professional, as installing a garage door is not a common do-it-yourself project for those who are untrained in doing so.

Taking Measurements

It’s likely the structural support for your current carport won’t be sufficient for what your garage will need. For a garage, you will want to have wall studs no more than 2 feet from one another, so you should measure off 2-foot wide intervals along the three sides of the carport that won’t house the garage door.

Also, measure the distance from the floor to the edge of the roof of your current carport and write it down.

Adding Structural Support

Next, add 2x4s at the 2-foot distances you have already measured off to serve as wall studs. To do this, you will nail each 2x4 to the roof of your carport and to the floor at 2-foot intervals. Do this on all three sides of the structure.

Adding Walls

Cut pieces of plywood to the length from the floor of your carport to the edge of the carport roof you measured earlier. Nail these pieces of plywood to the wooden frame that you have constructed in the previous step. Make sure that each piece of plywood is positioned flush against the piece next to it to avoid gaps.

Adding a Garage Door

Unless you’re familiar with installing garage doors, you should ask a professional to help you with this step. Installing garage doors require many specialized tools and materials, and it’s not typically an easy do-it-yourself project that should be completed alone. Afterward, you can save money by weatherstripping it yourself.

Installing Insulation

Once you have had your garage door professionally installed, you will need to add insulation to the garage to make it weatherproof. After purchasing roll-out insulation, simply roll the individual sheets out between wall studs and staple them to the plywood walls you have constructed. Do this all the way around the inside of your garage.

Finishing the Garage

To complete your garage and make it more aesthetically pleasing, you can either paint or install siding on the outside walls of the garage and then hang drywall on the inside of the garage. Once you’ve completed this last step, you will now have a fully functional, professional-looking garage to protect your vehicles and other belongings. Add shelving to your new space for extra functionality.