How to Convert a Golf Cart to Street Legal Specifications

  • 2-25 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-500

With the need for new transportation on the rise, many people are now seeking to convert something as simple a a golf cart into one legal for a street vehicle. If you’re planning to do this on your own, you have to ensure you’re following the standard. Below are the basic requirements.

Step 1 – Check Your Cart’s Original Specifications

Your golf cart’s top speed must be between 20 and 25 miles per hour. This is the primary rule for low-speed vehicles. You may need to present the manufacturer’s certificate of origin as a slow speed vehicle. If you cannot go that high with the vehicle yo have, you may need to improve the motor and the parts of the golf cart that correspond to that.

Step 2 – Make a Vehicle that Gets Noticed

Your vehicle must be equipped with headlights, stop lamps, turn signal lamps and tail lamps. Just like any vehicle, it’s important that you are able to signal or turn your lights on, especially in the dark. Install all of the lights accordingly, and test them to make sure that you know how they operate while driving.

Step 3 – Check the Visibility inside the Cart

A golf cart must have reflex reflectors and rear view mirrors. This will ensure that the driver has a clear and unobstructed view to the rear and reduce the number of deaths and related incidents. Adjust all of the mirrors prior to driving, just as you would in a normal vehicle.

Windshields and windshield wipers are also a must. Make sure the ones you have will operate in a rain storm as that will drastically impact the visibility inside the golf cart.

Step 4 – Secure Your Personal Safety

Your vehicle should be equipped with seat belts. Seat belts must be installed on all seats if you have more than one. You must also be wearing the seat belts while on the road to comply with state law.

Step 5 – Acquire Identification

Your golf cart must come with a vehicle identification number (VIN). This is for quick identification of your vehicle. If you do not have a VIN for your golf cart, seek out the necessary paperwork to ensure you can drive on the road.

The above requirements ensure that the drivers and pedestrians are safe while a golf cart is on the street, but note that there maybe additional laws or regulations that your state may impose, depending on where you are. Time will come when these golf carts will be permanent fixtures on the streets of America. When that happens, the Department of Transportation will definitely impose a uniform guideline to be observed.