How to Convert a Screw Drive to a Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

What You'll Need
Phillips Screw Tip (#2)
Socket Set
Tape Measure
Adjustable Wrench

chain drive garage door opener is very different from that of a screw drive opener. However, it basically comes down to a matter of preference as far as what you prefer. They both do the same job and are typically very safe to use. You will find though that a chain drive garage door opener is the least expensive out of all of the three main types of garage door openers. It opens the door with that of a chain, almost like a bike chain. If you wish to make the switch from a screw drive to a chain drive garage door opener, it is not a very difficult thing to do.

Step 1 – Measure

You will need to measure the complete length on the chain drive assembly. Measure from the power-head mounting site down to the chain driven rail mounting. Also measure the existing screw drive assembly. You will need to measure between the mounting bracket for the rail, as well as the mounting holes that are on the power head. Once you have the measurements, mark the ceiling with your pencil so that you will have the full length of the chain drive.

Step 2 – Removal

Start by taking down the screw drive garage opener. There will be a bolt at the top of the mounting bracket that you will remove first with your adjustable wrench and socket. When you are loosening the rail mounting’s bottom bolt, make sure that you leave the bolt and nut attached. From there, remove the door arm that is located on the carriage of the screw drive. Disconnect the power head, as well as any infrared sensor wires. The bolts that are in the mounting bracket will need to be removed. You can then take off the loosened bolts and lower the rail end to the ground.

Step 3 – Measure

Look for the mounting angle of the power head that is still on the ceiling of the garage. You will need to take off the mounting bracket for the screw drive. Read the instructions for the chain drive so that you will get a good idea of the height that your new rail mounting will need to be. You will then have to measure, from the mounting height all the way down to the floor. Read the instructions to know the correct hardware to use to get the rail mounting bracket secured to the wall.

Step 4 – Install

Get the rail of the chain driven garage door assembly secured your rail mounting bracket. Inserted a bolt into the bottom hole of the mounting racket. Without tightening it, put a nut on the bolt. Get the assembly lifted firmly into place and secure the power head into the mounting bracket. From there, connect the carriage to the door arm and turn any infrared sensors back on. You are now ready to plug in the chain driven garage door opener.