How to Convert a Shower into a Dry Sauna

woman relaxing in a sauna
  • 5-10 hours
  • Advanced
  • 100-500
What You'll Need
Shower that is a good size
Measuring tape
Drill bit
120 volt heater
1/2 plywood for wall sheeting
Caulk gun
Wood finish
Paint brush

Building a dry sauna is actually not as difficult as it may sound when you have the right tools. Here are a few easy steps to follow to get you through the process smoothly.

Step 1 - Map It Out

The first thing you are going to want to do for this project is map everything out because you will be in a tight space and laying it out to begin with can avoid any big problems down the line. You will start with adding wood to the inside of your shower so you will want to account for about a half an inch thickness on every side, which will in turn make the area a little bit smaller than it was originally. Also you will want to know where you will be setting up the heater as well as where you will be connecting the wires and drilling through.

Step 2 - Run Power Lines

electrical wiring

Many times you will want to have someone else come in and do this as it can be tricky to do and you will be dealing with water near a power line. If you are up to the job yourself make sure you begin by shutting off the water and power to that area before doing anything else at all. Then you can decide where the heater will be and drill a hole through the wall of the shower to fit the wiring through. This will most likely run from the wall of the sauna down and then through a hole in the floor or wall near it to lead down to the outlet or power source.

Step 3 - Install Wood

You will need to use a drill as well as sheets of 1/2 inch plywood to sheet the inside of your shower. Make sure when you are doing this you keep the hole in mind so as not to cover it up. The walls, ceiling, and floor all need to be covered with the sheeting. If you choose to stain them then you can apply the stain with a paint brush then allow it to dry before putting on another coat. Let it dry completely before moving on. Once the plywood is finished, install with a drill the cedar boards on the walls of the sauna to get a more relaxed and professional feeling and look to your sauna.

Step 4 - Seal Everything

caulking gun leaking silicone onto tile floor

Go through and check for any opening or cracks to make sure that everything is sealed off or the heater will not work properly. If you find an opening, use the caulk gun to apply caulk to the area and let it sit.

Step 5 - Install Heater

Now you can install a heater in the corner of the shower by hooking it up to the wiring you installed earlier.

Once you are finished you can set your heater to about 185 degrees and enjoy.