How to Convert a Twin Bed Into a Loft Bed

What You'll Need
Twin bed frame
Power saw
Power drill
Measuring tape
Screwdriver bits
2 inch wood screws
8 48-inch long posts
4 2x4-inch beams
2 1x12x75 inch planks
8 1x48 inch long strips

The loft bed is slightly elevated off the ground and is typically seen in college halls or dormitories. This is because, these beds can make most of the little space they have. When the beds are elevated, the space can be used for something else. These practical beds are also seen in many children bedrooms.  

A loft bed is a bed with high legs. Moreover, it is very easy to convert a twin size bed into a loft bed. However, utmost care must be taken in regards to safety as the long legs must be properly braced to ensure the frame and grip remains stable. Thus, it is advisable to get help of a professional. However, if this is not possible and you plan to do it on your own, read on. 

Step 1 - Measure and Cut the Strips, Posts, Bedposts, and Beams

To begin, measure the height and width of the bedposts and buy the closest size. Buy strips that are 4 inches wider than the two posts and the width of the bedposts. Thus, if the lumber posts were 1.5 inches wide and the bedposts were 2 inches wide, than strips would be (2+1.5+1.5+4) 9 inches wide. Get the strips cut by the hardware store if needed. This is because they have specialized equipment that can cut much better than home tools. Next, cut the beams so that the total length of the beams, 4 posts, and 2 bedposts is 38 inches. Thus, the beam would approximately be 16 inches long.

Step 2 - Build the Bed Frame

Next, build the bed frame by laying 1 post against the edge of one strip and screwing it with the help of a screw at each corner along the edge. Lay the second post parallel to the first post with enough space to fit the bedpost of the twin bed. This would leave almost 4 inches of the strip beyond the edge of the post. This must be screwed just as the first was done. Lay another strip opposite and screw it on both the posts using 8 of the wood screws. Repeat the steps to build the basic frame. Connect the end pieces by using a 2x4 beam. This can be done by inserting the beam into the notch that has been formed by the strips. Screw it by using 4 screws in a square at each connection point. Follow the steps to assemble the second end frame.

Step 3 - Move all Components and Connect Them All

Finally, move all components to the exact position where the loft bed is going to be setup. Lay the bed frame on its side and slide the end frames over the ends of the best posts. Screw the bedposts with the help of two wood screws per post. Next, drill through the wooden plank on the inside of the frame. Turn and lift the bed so that it rests on the frame ends. Connect the two end frames with the help of long planks. Screw all in place with 4 screws that are arranged in a square. Lastly, add the second plank in such a way that it runs parallel to the first. This must be at least 24 inches from the floor and must be done with the help of 8 screws.