How to Convert an RV into a Traveling Man Cave

RV with chairs set beneath an awning

For some men, a man cave is an escape route from their daily lives, a place they can go to get away from their families and loosen their belts. They can watch TV, listen to music, drink beer, build models or engage in any number of activities without having the kids or the wife around. A man cave could be a room in the basement, attic or garage, or a bomb shelter or storage shed.

Another possibility adds mobility to the mix. By transforming an RV into a man cave, a man can have his privacy and take it to the streets. Visiting friends, taking road trips or going to a tailgate party will be possible with your traveling man cave.

Converting an RV into a Traveling Man Cave

Provided you already own an RV, you can convert it into the man cave of your dreams. Each man will have his own idea of what the traveling man cave should include, but you'll probably want to consider some of the following items.

1. Media Systems

A traveling man cave should be equipped with a semi-large plasma screen or HDTV. As far as TVs are concerned, the bigger the better. To get the most variety while camping in your traveling cave, install a mobile satellite dish on the roof of the RV. Don’t forget the DVD/CD player.

Many entertainment systems can play DVDs and CDs and even have a USB connection to view the internet on the big screen. Speaking of internet, make sure you include a wireless internet connection into the mix. You can also use the internet to stream media when available. Last but not least, install some high-quality speakers so the media center sounds as good as it looks.

2. Entertainment Choices

Equip your RV with all the DVDs, CDs, and any other formats compatible with your system. With the internet, you can download just about anything.

3. Beverages

Consider installing a tap and keg setup in your traveling man cave. What better way to enjoy your entertainment choices than to sip on a frosty beer while you do? Along with the keg cooler, add a portable refrigerator to store some snacks.

To entertain in style, add a liquor cabinet. Keep perishable mixers in one of the coolers and stock the cabinet with an assortment of clear and colored liquors.

4. Other Additions

Other items in your traveling man cave might include the following: a portable grill for tailgate parties, a comfortable bed for those times you need to take a break or should not be driving, and an assortment of sporting gear. Be sure to keep plenty of charcoal and lighter fluid or propane on hand, an extra set of sheets and a toolbox, in case something needs fixing.

With a little planning and a lot of money, the transformation of an RV into a traveling man cave will be fun. Once you stock it with everything you need for a good time, hit the road and be the center of activity anywhere you go.