How to Convert Knee Wall to Storage Space

Converting knee wall to storage space can help create some extra room for your growing family. Knee walls are typically found in homes where the attic is finished. These are vertical walls that have attic space directly behind them. You can take advantage of this extra knee wall space by building a chest of drawers or a recessed dresser into the existing wall.

Materials Needed:

  • Circular saw
  • Screwdriver and 2-inch wood screws
  • Drywall saw
  • Hammer and finishing nails

Step 1 – Check the Wall
The wall where you want to install a storage chest cannot be a load bearing one. If you do not know where a load bearing wall is located in the room, consult a processional contractor. Select a spot along the wall that will not interfere with room décor or furniture placement.

Step 2 – Mark Off Space Measurements
Using what available space you have on a non-load bearing wall, measure the width and height available to select an appropriate chest of drawers.

Step 3 – Select Chest
Investigate various sources to purchase a chest of drawers to install in your knee wall. Check online as well as at furniture and home improvement centers. Either select a design and color to compliment the room décor or buy an unfinished piece of furniture you can personalize.

Step 4 – Prep the Chest
You will need to make several adjustments to your chest of drawers before recessing it into the knee wall. Remove all molding from the sides and unscrew the legs. If necessary, remove them by cutting these off with a saw. Make sure the sides and bottom are smooth with nothing protruding.

Step 5 – Measure Your Chest

After measuring your chest of drawers, pencil these numbers on the wall marking the area to cut. After marking, carefully cut the drywall away with a drywall saw. Remove any studs and insulation blocking the expanse of the recessed hole.

Step 6 – Add Support

Construct a bottom support for the chest of drawers. Use the removed stud wood by screwing two bottom supports directly to the floor. Make sure this is level, to accept the chest of drawers when placed in position.

Step 7 – Place the Chest in the Recessed Area
Place the chest without the drawers into the recessed area of the knee wall, setting the bottom on the base support. Make sure you place it into the recess so all chest edges are flush with the portion you cut out.

Step 8 – Secure the Chest
Using 2-inch wood screws, attach the chest of drawers to the side studs and to the bottom support wood. This is important to anchor the chest so it does not loosen from the wall with use.

Step 9 – Finish
Install any decorative molding covering the cut out edges of the drywall. Fill in any nail holes with putty and then sand to a smooth finish before painting. Replace the drawers and use your newly created storage space.