How to Correct Oversteer in a Car

What You'll Need

Oversteer, the opposite of understeer, occurs when your car comes to a corner and reaches its traction limits because the tires situated at the back of the vehicle reach their adhesion level before the front tires. The factors of the car itself which can cause oversteer include the engine layout, the distribution of weight in the front or rear area of the car, the type of tires and the setup of the chassis. However, the driver has control over some factors that can lead to oversteer. These include braking, throttle, the transfer of weight, the input of the steering as well as cornering speed. Below are tips to correct oversteer before you lose control of the vehicle.

Step 1 – Recognizing an Oversteer

Keep in mind that when you are driving a car, you will have a greater risk of experiencing an oversteer if you drive too near the grip limit. You will know that your car is going into oversteer when the rear of the car destabilizes because it has lost its grip on the road. Another situation where you can recognize an oversteer is when the car spins around and you are facing the inner side of a corner.

Step 2 – Correcting an Oversteer

If you notice that you have entered the corner too fast, release the gas slowly until you gain back the adhesion of the wheels at the back of the car. Remember that if the back traction of the car is broken when you apply throttle, then your car is probably very powerful and requires less aggression from you as its driver.

In case your car oversteers when you are driving remember to maintain the wheels of the front facing the direction where you want to take the car. People call this technique opposite lock or counter-steering. Your car is likely to start spinning if you do not keep the front tires in the direction of your destination.

Step 3: Avoiding an Oversteer

The most important factor in avoiding oversteering your car is to make sure that you do not enter a corner too fast. Enter the corner as slowly as possible so that you will not lose grip. As a car driver, you will learn how to increase speed safely through driving experience.