How to Cover a Laminate Backsplash

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 300-700
What You'll Need
Deglossing agent or paint thinner
3 inch bristle paint brush
Tape measure and scissors (optional)
Dish soap (optional)
Sandpaper or sander (optional)
1/4 inch painter's tape (optional)
Ceramic tiles (optional)
Grout (optional)
Spackle knife (optional)
Vinyl wallpaper (optional)
Wallpaper glue (optional)
Interior latex paint primer (optional)
Interior latex paint, color of your choice (optional)
Paint roller, paint tray (optional)

If you want to cover a laminate backsplash in your kitchen, it is important to make sure that the laminate is stable and secure. If the laminate is peeling or cracked, you make want to remove the laminate instead of covering it with another medium.

Prepare Surface Properly

Begin by washing the laminate backsplash area thoroughly with warm water and a sponge. You may want to use simple dish soap to remove stains if necessary. Once this area is clean and dry, apply a deglossing agent or paint thinner with a 3-inch bristle paintbrush, depending on the laminate surface.

After the laminate is fully dried, you may want to use sandpaper or a sander to go over the surface if it is a textured laminate or not completely smooth. If you are planning to paint over the laminate and it is already a smooth surface suitable for paint, sanding the laminate is not necessary.

Choosing a Medium to Cover Your Laminate

At this point, you will want to prepare your tools and materials and make a decision as to which medium you are going to choose to cover your laminate backsplash.

Ceramic Tiles

    Set out enough tiles to cover laminate before applying grout for easy application.

    Apply grout to a portion of the laminate area using a spackle knife. Choose a suitable portion size that will allow you to place the tiles before grout dries on laminate.

    Carefully place tiles over grout equidistant from each other. Make sure you use enough force so that the tile is securely set in grout.

    Use a sponge and warm water to clean any grout or debris on tiles.

    Allow tiles to dry overnight.


        Measure the area to be wallpapered and cut wallpaper to fit the laminate area accordingly. Pour some wallpaper glue into a paint tray and apply it to laminate using a paint roller. Carefully place wallpaper strips over wallpaper glue. Use your hands to smooth out air bubbles and pull wallpaper taut. When applying additional strips of wallpaper, overlap the new strip over the previous strip approximately ½” – 1” according to your preference. Allow the wallpaper to dry overnight.


          Tape off the area of the laminate that's going to be painted with 1/4 inch painter's tape, and use a 3-inch bristle paintbrush to apply two coats of latex paint primer. Let the primer dry for 2 hours. After the primer has dried, you will apply a layer or two of the interior latex paint. Once the paint has completely dried, you can remove the painter's tape.

            Step 3 – Finishing Up

            After the medium you have chosen to cover your laminate has been applied and thoroughly set or dried you may want to wash off any remaining debris. There may also be a need for you to apply touch-ups to paint if you should decide that is what you chose to cover your laminate with.