How to Cover a Wooden Coffee Table with Tile

What You'll Need
4 x 4 inch wood posts
Tape measure
Wood glue
Wood screws
Screw driver
Wood paint
Small tiles
Tile spacers
Construction adhesive

A wooden coffee table is an essential furniture for every living or dining room. It is where you can entertain your guests over a good cup of coffee and talk about business or your personal life. Wooden coffee tables are vulnerable to various elements, such as heat that causes warping. You can salvage your old wooden coffee table and enhance its over-all look by adding tile on its table surface. Adding tiles on your existing coffee table will not only enhance your wooden coffee table’s appearance but also makes it more resistant to damaging elements. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to cover a wooden coffee table with tile.

Step 1-Coffee Table Measurement and Wood Preparation

Get the right measurements prior to cutting the plywood to the dimension of the coffee table using a saw. Make sure that the size of the coffee table balances out the existing furniture within the area. Cut out four pieces from the 4x4 inches wood boards, following the measurements taken. The cut pieces should each be glued securely to the corner of the tabletop using wood glue. Allow the glue to dry completely. When fully dry, two wood screws should be placed into each of the leg of the coffee table. Attach the screws securely using a screwdriver to ensure that the table stays sturdy.

Step 2-Sanding and Painting the Wooden Coffee Table

Use sandpaper to smooth the areas to remove any wood splinter. Sand the coffee table legs as well. Dust away remaining particles from the wood using tack cloths. Apply the first coat of paint evenly on the wooden surface of your coffee table and allow it to dry fully. When done, apply the second coating of paint.

Step 3-Tile Application

Ready the tiles that you will use on your existing wooden coffee table. Attach construction adhesive to the back of each tile. Hold on each tile and apply individually on the desired location onto the coffee table. Press each tile as it is placed in position. Allow for a space to come in between each tile placed or use a tile spacer to get a uniform spacing on the coffee table. Once the tiles are completed, allow for some time for the adhesives placed to fully dry up.

Step 4-Final Clean-up

Apply mortar to the spaces created in between the tiles. Simply press on the mortar applied and level out the surface of the tile. The excess mortar that comes out of each tile should be cleaned using a soft cloth. Wipe clean the entire tiled coffee table to take out any remaining mortar residues. Before actually using the newly tiled coffee table, leave your newly tiled wooden coffee table to stand for a day to allow the mortar to dry completely.