How to Cover Your Pet Bird Cage Properly

Bird cage
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-100

You cover your pet bird cage at night without even thinking about it. It’s just something that bird owners do. There are good reasons for it, and covering the pet bird cage properly will help your bird rest much better.

1. Material

Don’t use an old pillowcase or sheet to cover your pet bird cage. It’s too thin and lets in the light. One of the reasons you cover the cage is to bring darkness so the bird can sleep—pet birds need about 12 hours of sleep each day. Choose proper material that will block the light. There are proper covers made for a pet bird cage, and you should buy one. You can find them in pet stores and online.

2. Warmth

Group of birdcages at a market

The cover of the pet bird cage needs to fit well, as it’s also intended to keep the bird warm at night. A thin pillowcase isn’t going to keep out the cold air. Buy something that’s made for the bird and the cage.

3. Time

You’ll achieve the best results if you establish a routine and cover your pet bird cage at the same time every day. You’ll have quiet time and the bird will have the rest it needs. Make sure the cage is covered entirely in order to block out all the light.