How to Create a Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Lead Image
What You'll Need
4 pieces of 2x2x96-inch lumber
14 pieces of 2x2x20-inch lumber
2 pieces of .5x24x96-inch plywood
3 pieces .5x20x24-inch plywood
Wall plugs
Tape measure
Door handle

A bathroom storage cabinet can be very useful for storing towels, sheets, and other items while freeing additional closet space in other rooms. It's not difficult to make a bathroom storage cabinet, just follow these step by step instructions.

Step 1 - Locating Your Cabinet

Your bathroom storage cabinet should be set in the corner of your bathroom where 2 walls meet at an angle of 90 degrees. In this example, the height of the bathroom assumed as 96-inches.

Place a your 96-inch pieces of wood in the corner. Drill holes through the wood and screw them to the wall. Use wall plugs if you're not screwing into a stud. Attach the 20-inch pieces of wood along each wall at the top and bottom of the lumber you've just installed. Measuring up from the ground, make marks at 24-inches, 48-inches, and 72-inches. On the wall that will make up a side of the cabinet, attach 3 pieces of 20-inch wood at the marks.

Step 2 - Completing the Frame

Attach 96-inch lengths of wood to the wall so they join with the 20-inch pieces you've just screwed into place. Drill holes and attach them to the wall. Use wall plugs to properly secure them.

You now have a 96-inch piece of wood. On each end, screw a pair of 20-inch pieces of wood into place at a 90-degree angle. Slide the long piece into place. Screw the short piece of wood into place against the other long pieces. On the side opposite where you have wood at the 24-inch, 48-inch, and 72-inch levels, measure those heights and screw 20-inch pieces of wood into place, making sure the wood is level. The frame for your bathroom storage cabinet is now complete.

Step 3 - Side and Door

Take a pieces of plywood and hold it against the side of the bathroom storage cabinet. Screw it into place with the screws going into the frame. Place the screws 6-inches apart all around the edge. The other piece of plywood will be your door. Screw the hinges into place along the long edge, then do so along the frame. Ensure that the door opens and closes smoothly. Install the door handle.

Step 4 - Shelves

At this point, you can paint or stain the cabinets. To finish the cabinet, take the remaining small pieces of plywood and slide them inside the cabinet. You'll see that one side is longer than the other. Rest the long side across the cabinet so that it sits on the 20-inch pieces of wood you have inserted.