How to Create A Built-In Corner Bookcase

What You'll Need
1 Inchplywood
Tape measure
Protective eye wear
L brackets
Paint brush

A corner bookcase is an effective use of floor space to display, organize and store books or collectible items in your home. It can be made from plywood and is a simple wood working project.

Step 1 – Safety

Put on your protective eye wear before you begin to work. Be sure to be careful using power tools to prevent any serious injury. Be sure to store all power tools in their proper location once you have finished using them. Use proper ventilation when you apply the paint or stain to your bookcase.

Step 2 – Determining the Bookcase Measurements

Use your tape measure to determine the height, depth and width of the corner area where you would like to place the bookcase. The width is the distance between the two walls at the chosen depth from the corner.

Step 3 – Cutting the Top and Bottom Pieces from the Plywood

On your plywood, mark 2 triangular shaped pieces. The triangle will have 2 sides of equal length and a third side of a different length. Use the depth measurement of your bookcase as the length of the two equal sides on the triangle shape. Use the width between the two walls as the length for the third side. These two triangle pieces will create the bottom and top parts of the bookcase.

Step 4 – Cutting the Side Panels from the Plywood

On your plywood, mark 2 rectangular shaped pieces. Use the height measurement of your bookcase as the length of the rectangle and use the depth of the bookcase as the width of the rectangle.

Step 5 – Fitting the Bookcase Parts Together

Fit the two rectangle panels into the corner of the room. Check to be sure that they fit together properly and in the corner properly. Use your drill and screws to secure the edges of the boards together with the L brackets. Use more of the brackets to attach the top piece of the bookcase to the panels. Do the same with the bottom piece.

Step 6– Building the Bookcase Interior

Use your tape measure to determine the size of the shelves that will be installed inside the bookcase frame. Use the interior bookshelf measurements to make as many triangular shaped shelves for your bookcase as you would like. Mark the shapes on the plywood and cut them out.

Step 7 – Installing the Shelves

Determine the location for each of the 3 shelves you will be installing.  Lightly mark the location with a pencil. Use a level to make sure the shelves are installed properly. Use a screwdriver to secure shelf brackets to the bookcase frame. Position and secure the shelves onto the brackets.

Step 8 – Finishing the Bookcase

Use your sandpaper to smooth any rough edges on the bookcase. Apply a coat of paint to the bookcase. Allow the paint enough time to dry completely. If necessary, apply a second coat and allow it to dry thoroughly.