How to Create a Combination Guestroom and Study

A guestroom can comfortably double as both a room for guests and a study when guests are not around. Usually, you will need home organizer systems and hideaway bed and tools.

Make the Bed a Multipurpose Space

A hideaway bed in a wall, couch or love seat makes sense when you want to offer a comfortable place for people to sleep in the guestroom. This will leave the room as a functional study the rest of the time. Be careful not to add clutter in front of the area because finding a spot for all of that stuff can make bringing out the bed a hassle. You may even want to consider a hideaway bed with sliding shelving in front for a quick change from study to guestroom.

Keep the Room Organized

Room organizers are especially important in a dual-functioning room. You'll need a system or organization so that you can keep your office supplies within easy reach but can also just slide or wheel the items away when the room is serving as your guestroom. Likewise, you'll want sheets for the bed and other items for your guests stored in organizers when you're using the room as a study.