How to Create a Doorway in a Stud Wall Part 1

What You'll Need
Wooden boards
Tape measure
Safety goggles

A stud wall is a non-load bearing wall (meaning that it doesn’t support the ceiling) which is usually constructed out of a wood frame and then covered with plaster or drywall (occasionally metal frames may be used, but a timber frame continues to be the norm). If you need to open up a new doorway somewhere in your house, you definitely want to try to create that doorway in a stud wall, because you’re spared the aggravation of having to find a way to support the ceiling while you’re working, and furthermore stud walls typically don’t have a lot of plumbing or utilities in them that you need to reroute. To learn how to create a doorway in a stud wall, just check out this hand how to, which comes in two parts. Part 1 will talk about prepping the wall for creating the doorway, while Part 2 will show you how to create the doorway itself. (To move ahead to Part 2, click here.)

Step 1 – Investigate Your Wall

Although stud walls are usually the easiest walls to create a doorway in, you still have to check the wall out to make sure there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. Check for wiring or pipes that will be affected by the doorway. If you don’t have experience with rerouting pipes or electric wires, then you may want to invite a pro over to help you out with this task. Otherwise, your best bet will be to find an area in the wall where that won’t be an issue! You may also want to consider areas where there’s already a window in place, because it makes it that much easier to create a doorway when a frame is already in place.

Step 2 – Buy a Pre-Hung Door

Your best bet for this type of do-it-yourself project is to go for a pre-hung door system, meaning that the door will already be part of a frame and jamb. That way, you’ll know exactly the dimensions of the doorway that you need to create, instead of having to estimate extra room for a jamb.

Step 3 – Prepare your Work Area

To get started making your doorway, it’s not as easy as just chopping out a piece of the wall. In fact, it’s recommended that you remove all of the facing. This is going to be a messy job, so prepare your room to get ready. Lay out a tarp in front of the wall to protect your floor from drywall, and have a trash bag ready to throw the old facing away.

Step 4 – Cut your Parts

Another preparatory step is to get some of the new parts ready to go before you do anything else. Use your saw to cut your pieces of lumber to size to create the new king studs for your door way, and create complementing trimmer studs as well. Cut them to the measurements specified by the manufacturer of your door system.

Check Part 2 for the rest of this how to guide.