How to Create a Food Display Case

What You'll Need
Wood board
A ruler
A pencil
A handsaw
A routing tool
A glass cutter
Holding sealant
Holding clamps
A plate or dish
Glass cleaner
An emery cloth
A large general use cloth

A food display case is the perfect way to draw in your hungry family members or customers. A display case can be made quickly and easily with some very basic and accessible materials. Always remember to take pay care and attention when making a food display case because if your display case looks unappealing, people won't be interested in the food either.

Step 1 - Measurements

The display case needs to be large enough to house a reasonable quantity of food, but should not be so big that you struggle when moving it. A 1 by 1 foot food display case can be a good starting point for smaller items but this is completely open for adaptation. Keep the measurements smaller for moderate-sized dishes but don't be afraid to create a large display case if you need to.

Step 2 - Cut the Board

Take a piece of wood board and use a ruler and pencil to mark out a 1 by 1 foot square. Make another square around the first one about one inch away from the edge. Cut the wood board with a handsaw. You should have a 1 by 1 foot square with a 1 inch excess all the way around the outer edge.

Sand the edges of the wood board until they feel smooth under your fingertips. Make a groove along the markings on the smaller square with a router and a small head piece. Make sure you do not go through the bottom of the wood board.

Step 3 - Cut Plexiglass

Make 1 by 1 foot markings on 5 pieces of plexiglass. Use a glass cutter to gently make a score line along each of your markings. Gently ease the cutting wheel along each line and use the ruler as a guide. Use your hands to snap the plexiglass until you have 5 squares. The benefit of having even measurements is that all of your plexiglass pieces will be the same size. Use an emery cloth to smooth the edges on each piece of plexiglass.

Step 4 - Assemble Plexiglass

Place some holding sealant on three edges of one piece of plexiglass. Fix each piece of plexiglass in place, adding more sealant to contacting edges as you go. You effectively need to form a box shape which will fit over a plate and into the grooves on the woodboard. A good tip is to attach the sides of the box first before laying the lid piece of glass on top.

Remember to use holding clamps to keep the plexiglass upright and in position. this will allow you to work easily and help the sealant to dry. Carefully sand off any areas of excess sealant. Take extra time on this step to achieve a tidier finish.

Step 5 - Finish

Finish by placing a plate or serving dish in the middle of your woodboard base. Gently lift the glass case over the plate or dish and fit it into the grooves. Spray some glass cleaner onto the case and give it a quick rub with a cloth. Your food display case is complete.