How to Create a Frosted Glass Window

What You'll Need
Frosted glass spray paint
Masking tape
Sharp exacto knife
Safety Goggles
Cloth gloves
Glass cleaner

Frosted glass windows are a great way to bring both decoration and privacy to a window. They are great for bathrooms and can be an alternative to blinds because the frosted glass reduces the amount of light and makes the view blurred. You can make your own frosted glass window easily with the right tools and some creative ideas.

Step 1. Cleaning the glass

Begin by removing the glass window from its frame and place the pieces by your work area. Use soap and warm water with a cloth or sponge and begin to remove any dirt or fingerprints on your window, making sure that you double check your work by seeing no smudges or lint stuck to the glass. Once you have examined the glass, use a cloth to gently clean it dry. Then, use glass cleaner to spray the window and wipe it down with a rag until dry.

Step 2. Masking

Begin to mask the glass window by wrapping some old newspaper around the outside the frame. Use masking tape to secure the newspaper into place by attaching it around the edge of the paper. If you do not want the back of your window to be frosted as well, make sure the newspaper covers it completely and secure all edges with tape, making sure that no spray can get through it. Then, if you want to be a little creative, you can use a sharp exacto knife and cut out patterns on the tape and place them where you want them on your window.

Step 3. Spraying

To prevent you or a family member from breathing fumes, place the window that you are working on outside. Lay down some extra newspaper in the area you are planning to work and make sure the wind is not too strong so the pray does not stick to the glass. Wear your safety goggles and cloth gloves and begin to spray the window from approximately 10 feet away and making sure you add a light coat around the glass window.

The spray can take from 10 to 15 minutes to dry, then begin to add another coat to the window. You should have at least three coats of spray, making sure that you spray from a different direction each time, from top, bottom, diagonals and left and right, maximize the layer of coating to the window.

Step 4. Drying and replacing

Allow the frosted glass spray to dry overnight, making sure it has fully sealed and dried correctly. When the spray has dried, carefully remove the tape and newspaper around the window frame. Then, remove any additional pieces of tape that you made for a design or any left over duct tape with your exacto knife.

Check to see if there are any displaced blobs of paint left on the window and use a cloth to gently wipe these off which should give your frosted glass window a smooth surface. Replace the window to its original place and you should have your own inexpensive frosted glass window.