How to Create a Homemade Mole Repellent

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What You'll Need
Watering can
Castor oil
Red pepper (optional)

Moles can badly damage your garden in just a few hours. Getting rid of these little digging machines can be daunting, and pest-control services can make a bigger mess in your garden than the moles. However, you can deter moles by using a homemade mole repellent made from castor oil by using these steps.

Step 1 – Mixing the Repellent

Once you've identified moles in your garden, you should mix up a repellent to get rid of them. First, mix castor oil with any dish detergent in equal parts until the mixture is foamy and thick. Add red pepper to the mixture for extra deterring properties.

Step 2 – Applying the Repellent

Fill the watering can with water. Then, add a little bit of the repellent to it. Water over any mole mounds.

The repellent works best when applied to fresh mounds, although you can also cover the yard in the repellent, which makes the grubs and earthworms taste unpleasant to the moles.

Step 3 – Trying Alternatives, if Necessary

If the above mixture doesn’t work, you can also plant castor beans and halcyon, which deter moles through their scent, or you can fill in the mole mounds with garlic, mothballs, or jalapenos. In addition, there are many other mole-combatting methods, like setting live traps.

Step 4 – Repeating the Method

Whichever kind of repellent you choose, repeat the treatment after about a month. Also repeat if there is heavy rainfall.

If these homemade methods don’t work, consider moles your gardening friends. These critters eat grubs and slugs that can destroy a garden, and their digging improves the soil drainage. Revert to calling a professional pest-control service only as a last option.