How to Create a Symmetric Tile Floor Pattern

A tile floor pattern will affect the overall look of a room. Getting the floor to look perfectly symmetrical can take some work though. Here’s what you need to know to create a symmetric tile pattern in your room.

Start from the Center

You will want to start your tile pattern in the center of the room and work outwards from here. This will keep the pattern looking even and centered. You can find the center by using a chalk line. First bring the chalk line across the room in one direction, then the other. This will form an X on the floor. The center of the X is where you will want to start.

Pay Attention as You Go

Keep an eye on how the pattern is evolving as you work. If you stand up and look at what you’ve done every so often it will prevent you from having to rework any of it later if it looks off.

Lay the Tile Pattern out First

Before you start attaching the tile to the floor, spend a few minutes placing the tile down without adhesive to make sure it all looks even. This will also help you to determine the correct placement of the tiles. For patterns that are repeated you need to make sure the tiles are oriented the right way to keep the pattern symmetrical. After you’ve determined that it looks good, you can start to apply the adhesive and attaching the tiles.