How to Create a Temporary Window Seat

What You'll Need
Folding partitions
Bookshelves or cabinets
Seating high or low enough to bring your body to the window
Pillows, cushions

A window seat calls out for someone to relax and unwind, enjoying a cup of tea or a good book. Create a temporary window seat out of some of these items if you are renting and can't create something permanent.

Step 1 - Choose a Location

You can build a window seat anywhere that there is a window. Based on the furniture and materials that you have, decide whether you want your window seat in a corner or up against a flat wall. If your apartment has an alcove, than obviously your choice will be simple, but most rented homes have simple designs without alcoves. A corner is a nice place for a window seat, especially if there are two windows on either end of the corner. If you choose a window against a flat wall, you will need to place bookshelves or cabinets on either side to create a recessed space against the window for your seating. Folding partitions are great ways to create more privacy for corner to 

Step 2 - Choose Seating

Choose seating to match your location. Against a flat wall or in an alcove, a cedar chests (or any chest available) topped with cushions makes a great window seat. For windows in a corner, choose large bean bags, circular chairs or corner chairs. Add extra pillows and cushions with different textures, fabrics and colors. 

Step 3 - Create Privacy

A window seat should feel separate from the rest of the house, more connected to the window, a gateway between nature and civilization. An ideal window seat is set in a bay window that hangs out over the house. If you don't have a bay window or alcove, try to recreate this environment of disconnect and getaway by using furniture or folding partitions. You can either block of the area so that it is like a separate room, or you can build out from either side of the window by placing shelving or cabinets on either side of the window. When you place a box-shaped seat like a chest in the open space, the sides of the shelving can be used as a back rest. Folding partitions are nice because they come in a variety of materials and colors, giving you an opportunity to give a theme to your window seat area. Bamboo folding partitions can give your window seat area a tropical feel, or oriental partitions will go great with dark red and gold cushions.