How to Create Ceramic Tile Murals on a Backsplash

What You'll Need
Mural Tiles
Tile adhesive
Grouting Trowel
Serrated Trowel
Damp Cloth

Ceramic tile murals add a great character to kitchen walls. If you have decided on a remodel of your kitchen, or replace the current covering, you may need some help with how to best perform the task.

Step 1 – Marking

Measure and mark the area so that the mural sits center and middle in the space you have designated. Use the level and mark a pencil line for a straight line up and down from the center point.

Step 2 – Adhesive

Spread the adhesive with the serrated trowel, leaving ridges in the adhesive. Spread it onto the space for the mural.

Step 3 – Laying the Tiles

Make sure the tiles are laid out so that the picture is complete and the pieces are in the correct places before you set a tile.

Step 4 – Tiling

Place the first tile on the bottom left of the center marking, parallel to the pencil lines but not on them. Press the tile against the adhesive and secure it. Place two spacers close to but not on each end.

Step 5 – The Picture

Place the rest of the tiles the same way you did the first and make sure that as you place them they are still in the correct place. Press them all against the adhesive and put spacers in between each tile.

Step 6 – Finishing

When the tiles have set and adhesive fully dry (usually after 12 hours), grout between the spaces, holding the grouting trowel at 45 degrees from the surface and at a 45-degree angle to each straight edge of the tiles. Let the grout dry and wipe clean with a damp cloth.