How to Create Rustic Christmas Tree Decorations

Have you ever wondered how to create rustic Christmas tree decorations that add to the festive spirit of the season? The rustic style can cover many different looks from country to Western to mountain cabin. It's all in the accessories.

Decide What You Want To Do

When going in for a rustic look for your Christmas tree, you would need to decide what type of rustic style you would like to have as your general theme. These could be country tin and gingham dolls, Western leather and horseshoes or woodsy animals and cabins. Once you have decided on your theme, you could get started by ensuring you have items such as burlap strips, pine twigs, weathered twigs, wood or metal. There are a wide range of different ideas that you could try out the next time you plan to go rustic with your Christmas tree decorations.

Rustic Cabin Décor For Christmas Trees

You could make or purchase birch ornaments and woodsy animals for your tree to give it the ambiance of a woodland cabin on the mountainside. You could use mini oars, garlands made from fish lures, fishing bobbers that hang from hooks and, of course, pine cones. Tying tartan red ribbons wherever you can and wrapping the tree’s base with a tartan flannel bed sheet will make the entire tree look perfect.

Rustic Country Décor For Christmas Trees

Look for wooden cutouts, hearts, twig décor, grapevine décor and stars. You could also scan department stores that sell crafts which can be converted into ornaments. Cut out shapes from metal cans and then brush them with rust initiator to give them a weathered look. You could also lay hold of some metal cans and punch holes for your trees. Add lights within the branches and spread them around evenly. If you are buying rustic décor rather than making them, or if you would like to make a few additions to the ones that you have made, look out for those that use country designs such as polka dotted ribbon, gingham, barbed wire, lace covered balls, stars and bells with buttons and crocheted snowflakes. These will give your tree the perfect rustic country look.

Rustic Western Décor For Christmas Trees

You can create ornaments using rope, twine, wood and metal. You could either make or buy cowboy hats, broncos, leather or metal stars which would look great on top of the tree. Ornaments for the rest of the tree could be made of leather laced spheres, railroad stars, fake barbed wire or horseshoes.

You might also wish to try out a combination of the above themes. Just think of natural materials—you cold glue ribbons to old ornaments, string along popcorn and cranberries along with colorful fabric into bows or even string macaroni and buttons together with plain twine. The only caution is not to overdo the décor, since this could ruin the rustic effect and make your tree look like a magnet that has attracted too much junk.