How to Create Your Own Architecture Company

It does not matter if you are an architect, or not, when looking to start an architecture company. If you have a strong interest in architecture, you can easily start your own architecture business by following a few simple directions. Owning your own business can be a lot of fun and can give you the freedom and flexibility. It is also great when you can start a business in an area or domain you love, such as architecture. In order to put together a business and start it up successfully, follow the directions below.

Step 1 - Develop Your Firm's Name

First thing is first, you need to pick a name. Pick something that you would be proud of and pick something that relates to your subject matter domain or your architectural expertise. Once you have picked your name, you need to look to see if anyone in your state is currently using that name. You can do an online search for companies that are both in your state and not.  If there are conflicts, you may wish to change your name.

Step 2 - Get Registered

Get your business registered. First, you will need to decide on the type of corporation you wish to use. Visit your local attorney and ask them to help you decide which is best for you. Go online to the IRS and register your business and obtain an EIN number. An EIN is very much like an SSN, only for businesses. This will allow you to conduct business and the government will know that your company intends to do business and pay taxes. Next, file your corporation in your state or in any state you choose.

Last, you will need to apply for a business permit in your local municipality and your state. Get all the paperwork filled out and submit it along with your filing fees. Do not forget that you must hire a licensed architect in order to conduct business.

Step 3 - Get Advertised and Promote

Based on the type of architectural firm you endeavor to create, begin to advertise and promote your firm. Promote it on the internet by registering a great domain name and hiring someone to design your website. Develop a business card and start to hand them out to everyone you know and everyone you begin to meet.

Step 4 - Pricing

Determine your pricing strategy. If you are just starting out and do not have an already established customer base, start your pricing a little lower than you otherwise would charge. This will at least get your foot in the door and get you a customer base.

Step 5 - Buy Materials and Tools

If you do not already have them, purchase a computer, the necessary software, camera, drawing board and drawing paper. These are all necessary so that you can perform your architectural work up to great standards.