How to Create Your Own Bathtub Refinishing Kit

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If you need to reglaze your bathtub, then you should put together a bathtub refinishing kit. It should contain all the items that you will need to not only repair your bathtub but also to reglaze it.

Finding the Preparation Kit

In order to reglaze the bathtub, you will first need to prepare it. If your tub is not properly cleaned and repaired before you start the glaze, then you will find that it will just peel. In order to remove the dirt, add a cleaning solution and a cloth to your box. Then add a coating remover, which will take off any previous glazes. Also include some caulk.

Adding Reglazing Kits

To complete your bathtub refinishing kit, include enough reglazing packs to cover the whole bathtub. Each glaze must be added in 2 or 3 layers, which can increase the number of kits that you need to include in your box.