How to Crimp Ring Terminals

crimp ring terminal and wiring
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-10
What You'll Need
Ring terminals
Crimping tool
Wire stripper
What You'll Need
Ring terminals
Crimping tool
Wire stripper

Ring terminals are very effective connectors that create very secure connections. These devices come in various configurations and are either insulated or non-insulated. Insulation comes in the form of vinyl and nylon. When repairing electrical wiring or adding new connections, the installation of the ring terminals is essential to the whole process. Here is how to crimp the ring terminals effectively.

Step 1 - Choose a Ring Terminal

Choosing non-insulated or insulated ring terminals will depend on a number of factors. For economical purposes, non-insulated types are best. There are also non-insulated types that are designed to be used for high temperatures. Insulated types provide protection either in vinyl or in nylon types. Vinyl is more economical, but nylon provides better quality and durability. Heatshrink ring terminals provide the highest protection against damaging elements.

Step 2 - Choose a Crimping Tool

Crimping tools are not created equal. Make sure to choose one that is best for the gauge of the ring terminal usually crimped. Make sure to read forums and buying guides in order to choose the right type of crimping tool for the job.

Step 3 - Strip the Wire

stripping an electrical wire in an engine

To strip the wire, make sure to take note of the proper stripping length recommended. This can be done manually by measuring the length of the insulation provided in the ring terminal. Transfer that measured length to the wire. Strip the wire in order to expose the copper wire inside. The stripper can either be provided along with the crimp tool. Depending on the design of the tool, the stripper can either be found on the head or behind the hinge. If the crimp tool does not have a stripper, then use a separate stripper.

Step 4 - Insert the Bare Wire into the Terminal

Insert the stripped wire into the end of the terminal and press it firmly until the wire insulation meets the terminal insulation. Never allow the bare wire to be exposed to avoid problems in the future.

Step 5 - Crimp the Terminals

crimping a wire in a car engine

Take a look at the crimping tool and find out which part is meant to crimp the specific size of wire that will be connected to the terminal. The crimping section of the tool is generally located at the head or the nose. This will look like waves with high points that have numbers. These waves are called the rise. The numbers that are written there are intended as a guide for the size of wires to be crimped.

Place the end of the terminal into the crimp tool. Make sure that the terminal is placed at the correct rise size and that the casing is placed in the middle of the rise. Gently close the tool to grip the casing. Afterward, squeeze the tool as hard as you can. Check if the crimp is successful by pulling the wire from the terminal lightly. If the wire does not come off, then the crimp is successful.