How to Cut a Hole in a Piece of Glass

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 10-300
What You'll Need
Cool glass of water
Object of glass
Dry cloth
Clear packing tape
Black permanent marker
Bar of soap
Dremel tool with a diamond tip
150 grit sandpaper
Glass cleaner such as Windex

Learning how to cut a hole in a piece of glass is a useful skill if you enjoy craft projects. This precise and often time-consuming venture can open new doors of creativity.

Step 1: Measure Your Cutting Area

Do not rush this step because precise measuring will result in a precise cut. Lay out your glass on a sturdy table and use the ruler to measure across the glass. If you are going for a large hole, use a yard stick. Using the black permanent marker with an even hand and trace the outline of the hole you wish to cut. If necessary, use a cut-out or prepared stencil to achieve the desired precision.

Step 2: Protecting the Glass

Get out your packing tape and cover both sides of the glass in the area you will be cutting. This measure will protect the glass from the dremel tool. Using the packing tape will also protect you as it will catch tiny slivers and fragments of glass that may fall during the cutting process. Make sure both sides of the glass are evenly covered over the area of the soon-to-be hole.

Step 3: Suds It Up

Generously rub the bar of soap over the glass. Be sure you are using a brand new bar of soap as opposed to a used one. This will prevent any debris transferring from the soap to the glass. It does not matter if the soap is rubbed over the tape. Indeed, it is preferred that you do apply it over the tape. The bar of soap will help to reduce friction that will be made between the cutting tool and the glass and will decrease risk of accident, injury and badly cut glass. Make sure you rub the soap over both sides of the glass. Place the soap to one side.

Step 4: The Action Begins

Use the dremel tool delicately to begin cutting the glass. It is imperative that you take your time and go slowly and do not rush the process. Do not force the dremel or use it with undue stress. Allow the tool to gently cut its own way through the glass. You simply need to guide the dremel over the taped outline as carefully as possible. The glass and dremel will begin to heat. When this happens, poor a small amount of the cool water over the glass to let it cool. Once cool, you can begin cutting again, smoothly and gently guiding the tool through. Again, take your time. If you push too hard or try to force the tool through the glass you could cause it to break.

WARNING: Put on a face mask and safety glasses to keep any flying glass particles out of your eyes or mouth while cutting the glass.

Step 5: The Cleanup

Congratulations! You are almost there! Once the cut is finished, remove the packing tape and use the 150 grit sandpaper to refine the rough edges of the glass. Spray liberally with Windex and wipe the surface clean on both sides to finish.