How to Cut a Mullet

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Over the years the mullet has become synonymous with bad style and taste. For all intents and purposes, however, the mullet itself isn't a bad hair style. At the time it allowed men to wear their hair long while being able to maintain a clean and professional look. There are two popular versions of the mullet: the classic and ponytail. This article will explain how both are cut.


You will need to section the hair off in to four sections and then use butterfly clips to secure each section. The first section, at the top, should be a rough rectangle which stretched from the front of the hairline and then to the center of the crown. Now, from the top portion of the left side and to the right of the top is another section. The outside eye corners make a perfect guide for this sectioning. The remaining sections are the sides of the head. Start the section on either side at the hairline on the front. Stop the section just when you get behind the ears. The hair in the back can now be twisted together and tied.

The Front

A and a ponytail mullet are both identical when it comes to the front portion of the style. Start with the top section by combing the hair forward. Trim the bangs to the length that the client desires. Now, start with either side and use the bangs as a side guide for your angle. Comb the hair down and trim around the ears. If your client has sideburns then comb the hair forward and then back making sure to cut the hair to the guide length. Measure out 1/4-inch wide sections and make vertical slices.

Begin at the front and use the guide cuts to make it even. Work slowly along side going backward and in 1/4-inch pieces. Repeat this process for the other side. Go back to the top section and comb it upward from both sides of the head. Make sure you are holding the hair at the center of the head and from left to right. The bangs are your cut guide and you want this hair to be cut to match that length. Go to either the back or side of the head and comb out small pieces of hair at the corner. Pull them up and out at an angle and blend the sections.

The Classic Back

Comb the back section smooth and then in thin 1/4-inch segments which you hold straight up. Use the hair on top as a length guide. Continuing combing and cutting sections until the entire back has been cut. Comb the hair down and cut the hairline at the bottom into an even line.

The Ponytail Back

Start with the bottom inch of the back and comb it downward until smooth then cut the bottom to the length that is needed. Lower the back section in 1/2-inch segments cutting each to length. When finished you can pull the hair back and tie it up.