How to Cut a Storm Door Frame before Installation

What You'll Need
Storm Door Frame
Saw Horses
Tape Measure
Straight Edge

Placing a storm door frame inside your existing door is a great way to insulate your door against the colder weather during the winter months. Storm doors are also great for those warm summer days when you want to open up the front door but keep out all of the bugs and dirt. Installing a storm door frame is a fairly straightforward process, but there are a few tricky parts, like cutting the storm door frame to fit into the existing space. The threshold of this type of door frame is slanted to facilitate water to run off. To get the storm door to fit easily into the space, you will need to cut it with a hacksaw. Follow the steps below to cut your storm door frame before installation.

Step 1: Measure Door Frame

The first step to installing your storm door frame is to measure the existing door frame. You will need to measure both the outside vertical  and the inside vertical to ensure a tight fitting door. Start at the bottom of the sill, and measure up to the top of the the frame. Mark this measurement down. Do the same for the inner portion of the frame.

Step 2: Stand Storm Door Frame

Stand the storm door frame in front of the existing door frame. You will see that on the bottom of the storm door, the door hinge will extend past the threshold. Mark this section where it needs to be cut to line up with the inner portion of the door frame.

Step 3: Cut Hinge

Once you have the measurements for the door frame, you will need to start with the door hinge. Place it on a sturdy pair of saw horses and use a hacksaw to cut the hinge to size. 

Step 4: Mark Door Frame

Lay the door flat on the surface of the saw horses with the interior side facing up. You will then be able measure down the length of the door frame until you reach the measurement that you took for the inner portion. Mark it with a marker and a straightedge. Turn the door over, and mark the measurement for the outer portion of the door jamb. 

Step 5: Find Angle

Look at the edge of the door frame and line up both of the measurement for the front and the back. This is the angle of the cut you will need to make for the storm door frame to fit correctly in the existing door jamb. 

Step 6: Cut Storm Door Frame

Lay the frame flat on the saw horses, and cut the angle of the door frame with a hacksaw. Start your cut carefully so you do not mark up the door or create an uneven cut. Cut slowly until you have completed the first cut. Then go to the other side of the door frame and cut the angle in that side the same way. Once you are finished, use a grinder to carefully remove the burrs and to dull and sharp edges.