How to Cut Vinyl Gutter With Household Items

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 2-10
What You'll Need
Sharp Knife

Installing a vinyl gutter system is becoming more popular than its metal counterpart. The material is much easier to work with, lighter, and more durable. Cleaning the vinyl gutter is easily done with some soap and water and they do not scratch or rust. Another great benefit of using a vinyl gutter is the way that you can cut it easily.

Step 1: Mark Location for Cut

Hold the gutter up to the position where it is going to go. Place a mark on the gutter where the cut needs to be made. You can use a tape measure, but this way is quicker and more accurate.

Step 2: Use Square for Straightedge

Line up the straightedge with the mark you made on the gutter and make a straight line. The cut does not have to be extremely precise, but the straighter the cut, the better the fit.

Step 3: Cut with Scissors

A sharp pair of scissors can cut the vinyl siding quite nicely. Start at the lip on one edge and carefully work your way along the line. Make small cuts so you can control the direction more easily.

Step 4: Use Sharp Knife

A knife can also be used to cut the vinyl gutter. To do this safely you should use a flat work area and hold the gutter flat on the surface. Start with the edge lying flat and score the gutter. Continue scoring the gutter until all three sides are done. Then work the material back and forth until it breaks free.