How to Cut a Wall Opening for Bifold French Doors

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Installing a new set of bifold French doors is a rewarding experience for any DIY fanatic. It's important to be able to fit your own door frame and it can save you a lot of money. There are some things that you will need to bear in mind whenever cutting a wall opening for any type of door, including bifold french doors.

If you have all of the right tools at your disposal then you will be able to easily accomplish this project in a weekend.

Removing the Wall Covering

The first thing that you need to do is remove the wall covering on the wall. If this is not a new build property then there will be something on the wall already. If there is any wallpaper then this should be removed, paneling should also be removed by using a pry bar. Use a reciprocating saw to remove the wall studs, but make sure you don't cut the bottom plate.

Cutting the Lumber

Next, you need to use a miter saw to cut the pieces of 2x6 lumber so that they are 3 inches wider than the opening of the door. These should be cut for the width of the door, you can cut the vertical sections later.

Making the Header

Nail the plywood to the two 2x6 pieces of lumber you use. This will form the header and make it much easier to fit your door into the frame.


Now you need to measure and mark the size of the cutout required on the wall. This needs to be measured carefully and should be two inches wider than the door that you are installing. Make sure that you position the door so that you have a wall stud to secure the door into.

Cutting the Wall

Depending on the material of your wall a different process will be required to cut them. Drywall can be cut by a utility knife, however when fitting a door in a brick wall you will need to use a chisel to remove each individual brick. If you are fitting a door in a load-bearing wall, then you will need to fit a lintel.

Fitting the Door

Before you can fit the door you will need to cut two more sections of 2x6 lumber so that the door can be fixed to it. Cut this to fit the size of the opening that you have made. The tracks need to be fixed to the lumber to provide support for the doors.

Dealing with Mistakes

Next, you need to learn how to deal with any mistakes that you have made. If you cut too large an opening in the wall then you will find that this needs to be replaced. Use new plasterboard or drywall material to replace the missing parts.

Fitting bifold French doors is a very rewarding project, but it's very important to spend time doing it properly.