How To Cut An Aluminum Downspout

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-20
What You'll Need
Aluminum downspout
Jigsaw with a metal-cutting blade
Safety gear
Measuring Tape
Permanent marker

Aluminum downspouts are great for channeling water away from your home’s foundation. If you’re installing your own, you will need to know how to cut the aluminum to fit the side of your home. Follow the steps below to achieve the best results.

Measuring the Length

First, measure the height of the downspout from the top to the bottom. If you have an older one already installed, measure the existing downspout for perfect measurements by taking the old one down. If not, measure the appropriate length you will need to cut. Remember, measure twice - cut once.

Preparing the Downspout

Once you have marked the correct length on the downspout, lay it down on a flat surface that has the proper clearance for cutting. Opt for a workbench and clamps for extra stability.

Cutting It

Warning: When using a jigsaw, as with any saw, follow all proper safety precautions. Wear protective glasses and gloves, and keep all loose jewelry, hair, etc. away from the cutting area to prevent injury.

Use the jigsaw with a metal-cutting blade to saw through the aluminum, keeping the cut straight. Aluminum is a soft and pliable material, so you shouldn’t have any trouble achieving a smooth cut.

Now, you’re ready to install the aluminum downspout.