How to Cut an Opening in Stucco Siding Part 2

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Masonry chisel
Hammer or rubber mallet
Circular saw
Metal cutting blade
Wood cutting blade
Pencil or marker
Chalk line
An assistant

In Part 1 of this series on how to create an opening in stucco siding, you learned how to choose and mark an opening location, to score the lines for the opening and to cut the stucco siding down to the metal lath. In Part 2, you will learn how to cut curves in the siding, use the chisel to cut the corners and cut through metal lath and sheathing. Follow the simple steps below for a successful project.

Step 1 - Cutting Curves in Stucco Siding

If you need to cut curved lines in stucco siding, you will need to first create a pattern that you can follow with the chisel and hammer. You draw the curves freehand, or you can use a stencil to create a more precise arc or curve. Use your measuring tape to align and measure the edges of the curve before making cuts.

After you have transferred the shape of the curb onto the surface of the stucco siding, you can begin scoring the line the same way you did the straight edges lines in part 1 of this series. Hold the chisel in one hand and align the chisel with the line one the siding. Score along the line by striking the butt of the chisel with the hammer. Do this is in small increments until you have cut through the stucco siding with the chisel.

Step 2 - Cutting through Corners in the Stucco Siding

In part one of this series, you were instructed not to cut all the way to the corner of the scored area with the circular saw. This is because it is very difficult to make precise cuts at the corner the scored lines in the stucco siding with the saw. For the precise types of cuts that are needed at the scored corners in the stucco siding, a hammer and chisel are much better suited to the task. To cut out the corners, simply use the hammer and chisel to cut through the stucco siding all the way to the metal lath.

Step 3 - Break Up the Stucco Siding

Once you have cut all of the corners of the stucco siding with the hammer and chisel, take the sledgehammer and gently tap the center of the opening area. The stucco siding should begin to break up and simply fall out of the space.

Step 4 - Cutting Through Metal Lath

Now, replace the masonry blade on the circular saw but the metal cutting blade. Then using the edge of the area for the opening as your guide, cut through the metal lath that was behind the stucco siding. Once you have cut the metal lath, you can simply remove and discard it.

Step 5 - Cut Through Sheathing

Finally, replace the metal cutting blade with the wood cutting blade on the circular saw. Then, use the edge of the opening as your guide when sawing through the wood sheathing. Remove the sheathing.