How to Cut Brick Pavers

What You'll Need
Protective Eye Gear
Construction Gloves
Masonry Chisel
Masonry Hammer
Masonry Guillotine
Circular Saw with Masonry Blade
Chop saw with Masonry/Diamond-coated blade

An outdoor make-over that can be done to the current look of the patio is to add brick pavers. Installing brick pavers is do-it-yourself work that entails minimal skill. Attention should be given to one project detail of the brick paver installation, which is the cutting of the brick pavers to enable them to fit properly in the preferred dimension. There are various ways of cutting the brick pavers according to one’s preference. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to cut brick pavers.

Step 1: Determining the Area

Determine the area where the brick pavers will be installed to figure out how many pavers need to be used. The number of pavers will establish the technique of cutting and the tool to use. If the area to install the brick pavers is a square-shaped patio, few cuts are needed which could be done by hand. A curved-shaped patio may need more cuts which may need a power saw to do the cutting.

Step 2: Wear Protective Gear

The next step is to wear your protective eye glasses and construction gloves to prevent any untoward incidents from happening while cutting pavers. 

Step 3: Cutting the Brick Paver

Make a mark on the paver where the cut will be using a chalk line. Cut on the line marking using a masonry chisel and hammer. Tap the chisel along the marked line on the brick for all its four sides. Lay the brick flat and position the chisel on the marked line, give a firm strike on the chisel with a hammer. This will break the brick paver in two.  

Step 4: Cutting Brick Paver with a Guillotine

For cutting brick pavers with one hit, a guillotine is used for this. This equipment may be rented from equipment rental shops. Position the brick paver under the blade of the guillotine and firmly pull down the guillotine’s handle to cut the brick.

Step 5: Cutting Brick Pavers with a Circular Saw

Brick pavers may be cut using a circular saw. Make a line on the brick paver to mark where the circular saw will be positioned to cut. The blades on the circular saw will need to be changed often as the blades will wear down from contact with the brick pavers. It is highly recommended that while cutting the brick pavers with this equipment, a protective eye gear and gloves be worn to protect the eyes from particles coming from the sawing action.

Step 6: Use of a Chop Saw to Cut Brick Pavers

You can rent a chop saw on any equipment rental stores to cut brick pavers immediately; this is done by simply lowering the saw blade onto the brick. This type of equipment for cutting brick pavers uses a powerful saw with diamond-coated blades and requires the utmost handling care to avoid accidents.