How to Cut Clay Roof Tiles

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-100
What You'll Need
Clay roof tiles
Cutting knife
Pair of snips
Slate cutter

When undertaking the task of cutting clay roof tiles, it is crucial to select the correct tools to suit the thickness of the material being cut.

Step 1 – Examine Tiles

By examining the thickness of your clay roof tiles, you will have a better idea of which tool is needed to cut them. Use your ruler to mark a straight line along with the desired cutting point.

Step 2 - Cutting Thin Tiles

The tool used for cutting thin tiles is a simple cutting knife. Place the tile on a secure surface and run the blade across the straight line for cutting. Move the tile to the edge of the surface and snap along the line to break to size.

Step 3 – Cutting Thick Tiles

If using thick clay roof tiles, you will need a slate cutter. Place the tile into the cutter as per the manufacturer instructions, ensuring the tile is face down. Be aware that thicker tiles may take longer to produce a smooth break and this can be achieved by pulling down on the slate cutter handle.

Step 4 – Cutting Tiles to Accommodate Obstructions in a Roof

If there are obstructions in the roof then you will need to use a curved tile. The tool used for this purpose is tin snips.