How to Cut Crown Molding: Inside Corner

What You'll Need
Miter saw
Tape measure
Crown molding

It is extremely simple to cut crown molding for inside corners of the walls with the help of a few tools and materials which can easily be purchased from hardware and super stores. Crown molding shall greatly enhance your interiors as it shall bring in sophistication and elegance to your homes. The only tricky part in cutting the crown molding is cutting it around the corners. However, with a little bit of experience and practice, it can easily be done in practically every room in your house. Follow the detailed instructions below to cut crown moldings for the inside corner of your walls.

Step 1 – Take Necessary Precautions

When undergoing this activity, it is best to keep in mind a number of safety and precautionary measures in mind. Mainly, it is extremely vital to purchase a pair of rubber gloves and eye goggles and keep them on when dealing with tools such as a miter saw. Both of these items are needed to protect your hands and eyes. Moreover, it is thoroughly advisable to read over the safety manual that comes with the miter saw.

Step 2 – Measure Length of Molding Required

Once all the essential tools and materials required have been purchased, the next step is to ascertain the exact amount of crown molding that shall be required. Use a tape measure and a pencil to clearly mark out the length of crown molding that will be needed. First measure the wall and then make a mark against the crown molding. It is advisable to make use of a longer slab of crowning mold however.

Step 3 – Measure Angles of Inside Corner

Now the first step when undertaking this activity is to measure the angles of the inside corner. Again, this can easily be done using a 360 degree protractor which can be purchased from a stationary store. Normally for a wall, the angle is set at 45 degrees and this is what the miter saw should normally be set at when cutting the crown mold.

Step 4 – Cut Out Crown Molding Using Miter Saw

Since a straight 45 degree cut cannot be made, the following process should be followed. Firstly, set the miter saw at the angle measured or a 45 degree one which is the angle set in majority of cases. Simply place the marked lengths of crown molding inside the miter saw, and place it flat inside. Simply lower the saw, and cut the molding. Once cut, you should be able to see the exposed wood grain in the crown molding. Now, for the second piece of the marked crown molding, keep the angle unchanged on the miter saw. Next, place it upside down and in the opposite direction as before in the miter saw. Then lower the saw, and cut the mold. Discard the remaining pieces, and check the two cut pieces of crown molding to check that they fit together perfectly. By this point in time, your crown molding shall be ready to be installed easily on the wall.