How to Cut Down a Motorcycle Windshield

  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-20
What You'll Need
Masking tape
Jigsaw, outfitted with a blade designed to cut wood
Light and heavy sandpaper
Cardboard scrap pieces

If the windshield on your motorcycle is a bit too high, you have two options: either spend the money to buy a new motorcycle windshield, or cut down the one that you have so that it sits at about nose or eye level and is the right height. Both options require about the same amount of work, actually, but the second one is much cheaper than the first and can be done easily at home with a few basic tools. Read on for a guide on how to cut down your motorcycle windshield to the proper size.

Step 1 - Determine the Proper Height

Sit down on the motorcycle seat and position yourself as if you were driving. The motorcycle windshield should come up to your nose or not any higher than your eyes at maximum. Determine where this point is and mark it off with a long piece of masking tape on the inside of the motorcycle windshield surface.

Step 2 - Remove and Re-tape the Windshield

Carefully remove the windshield from the motorcycle itself. Add several extra pieces of tape to the level that you decided to cut off. You'll need to use a marker or some other way of noting where to make the cut. You want to have at least 3 inches of tape on either side of that in order to protect the material of the windshield as you make your cuts.

Step 3 - Cut the Windshield

Use the jigsaw to cut the windshield at the point that you've specified. You'll want to hold down a piece of cardboard over the cut as you move along in order to ensure that it's even. For now, the cut can be relatively straight across, as you'll sand it down and smooth it out to the shape and design that you desire in the next steps.

Step 4 - Sand Down the Windshield

Stand the windshield up on its base so that you get a sense for how the top of the windshield looks. Wrap rags or an old sheet around the windshield itself and begin to sand it down with a heavy sandpaper. Sand down the top to ensure that you get the shape and design that you're comfortable with. Finally, use a lighter sandpaper to smooth and even out the top of the windshield so that it's attractive and clean.

Step 5 - Finish by Treating with Solvent

Pour some of your solvent onto a rag and treat the top of the windshield in order to melt down and smooth out the windshield. This will help to protect it from cracks and other damage that might occur.