How to Cut Foam Board

Worker installing foam board onto a cement wall
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The use of foam board in construction and home improvement, as well as in the creation of a multitude of artist projects is on the rise. Foam board comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. What you will use to cut this foam board will depend upon the thickness of the board. While you can use many different sharp items to cut foam board, there are two tools that are easier to use than most others. One of these tools works quite well for cutting thin and pliable foam board, while the other works best for thicker boards.

Cutting Thin Foam Board

When you need to cut thin and pliable foam board, a tool such as a sharp utility knife or Exacto knife will be the easiest to use. Mark out your outline or design on the foam board and make the needed cuts. Make sure you’re careful not to cut yourself and protect the surface below the foam board from the sharp blade.

Cutting Thick Foam Boards

The best tool for cutting thick and non-pliable foam boards is a handheld hacksaw. These come in a few different varieties, but the easiest to use is just a simple plastic handle that the blade slides through and gets clamped to. A smooth, long stroke with this type of hacksaw works best.