How To Cut Into Artificial Turf

When installing artificial turf, work consistently and methodically to make the synthetic grass look as authentic as possible. Instead of attempting to install it on the fly, work in small sections at a time.

Creating a Grid

The best way to cut into the grass is with a pair very sharp pair of clippers or trimming shears. Carefully lay out a grid in the area where you are installing the turf. The grid squares should be large but manageable so that you can fit the turf in without being overwhelmed.

Making the Cuts

Carefully measure the grids and mark where you will need to make each cut. Actually cutting the turf is not difficult at all and is similar to cutting out a dress pattern in fabric. The turf comes in rolls, so simply roll out enough so that you can fit the pattern pieces or measurements and then cut them.

Transfer this information to the turf and cut out the needed shapes and sizes. Once the pieces are cut, simply transfer the turf to the grid.  

By working in relatively small areas, you can make sure that each measurement is completely accurate and cut the artificial turf pieces precisely as they are needed. Working methodically will prevent unnecessary and unsightly adjustments to the overall installation once you are finished, including bubbles or wrinkles.