How to Cut Into Exterior Stucco


Using exterior stucco to finish the outside of your home is a great investment. Stucco is one of the most durable siding materials on the market today. Add to that the ease of application, and the many design elements that can be incorporated into it, and stucco is a great exterior finish.

There will be times, however, just like in all other types of siding, where you will want to change something, fix something, or just add a new addition. These situations will prompt you to have to cut into the stucco wall. While stucco is durable, it can also be easily broken when separated from its bond. Cutting into stucco haphazardly can lead to further problems.

Cutting into Exterior Stucco

When cutting into exterior stucco, tape the borders of where you are cutting. By placing tape on the borders of where you are going to cut you will minimize any chipping and cracking. Start your cut near one of the corners of where you are cutting by drilling a pilot hole. Cut slowly with a carbide tip. Using a carbide tip in a sawsall or small circular saw, you can slowly cut the area without fear of causing any cracks. The key is to go slowly.