How to Cut Into Your Stainless Steel Sink

  • 3-6 hours
  • Advanced
  • 0-500
What You'll Need
Safety gloves
Safety glasses
Abrasive blade
Face shield
Cleaning solution
Soft cloth
Diamond cutter

Stainless steel sinks are very durable and hard; they are one of the toughest materials to cut. This material is usually even too hard to cut with just a regular saw as it is made to withstand the extra pressure. When you try and use a standard saw to cut through the stainless steel, you will find that it will just begin to product and promote heat. Once heat is conducted, the metal on the regular saw blade will just melt and disintegrate. Below are instructions on how to properly cut through the stainless steel sink.

Step 1 - Put On Safety Equipment

Plan for safety first. Pick up a pair of safety glasses that will protect your eyes from sparks or any tiny pieces that may fly out because of the cuts you are making to your stainless steel sink. Next, pick a pair of gloves. The gloves should be made of a material that is strong enough to withstand heat. Leather is a good material choice. Last, pick a face shield, in addition to the glasses. The shield will go over your head and on top of the glasses. This is for full face protection.

Step 2 - Setup the Grinder

In order to cut the stainless steel, you will need to use a grinder and blade combination. Add an abrasive blade to the grinding machine. A grinder that is at least 4 inches will work well for this project. Check the grinder; it should be completely balanced. Open the instructions that came with your grinder and review how to properly secure the blade and how to properly balance the blade on top of the grinder. The wheel should be directly secured on the center of the grinder. When a grinder is not balanced properly, it may cause the blade to brake and shatter.

Step 3 - Clear the Countertop

Clean the countertop of all items before you begin. Wipe the sink and the countertop clean with a mild kitchen cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel.

Step 4 - Align the Blade

Mark the location of your desired cut with a small diamond cutter. Place the grinder on top of the stainless steel sink and align the blade with the location of your desired cut.

Step 5 - Lower the Blade

Slowly lower the blade down to the stainless steel sink. Turn on the grinder and touch the blade to the surface of your stainless steel sink. Use some force to push the blade onto the sink all the way. Allow the blade to cut through the sink completely.

Step 6 - Pull Up On the Grinder

Pull up on the grinder when you have completely cut through the surface and turn off the electricity. If needed, use the tool to round the edges of your stainless steel sink.