How to Cut Laminate Wood Flooring

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Installing laminate wood flooring in your home gives it a new look and appreciates the value of your house. Any room will look great with laminate wood flooring and does not require much maintenance. The laminate protects the wood from moisture and dust and makes the wooden floor appear shiny always. It can even be installed over any existing flooring except carpet.

Prior to installation, laminate wood flooring requires some cutting if your house has unevenly measured floors or unevenly shaped walls. Cutting the laminate wood flooring need not be a difficult task if you follow the simple step-by-step guide below.

Remove Furniture

Remove any furniture in the room where you want to install laminate wood flooring. This is to ensure that you have an accessible and bare floor to work with.

Lay out Laminate Wood Flooring

To determine the alignment and placement, lay out the laminate wood flooring starting from the corner of the room that is the furthest away from the door. This allows you to make adjustments to the width, and determine which flooring pieces require cutting. Place 1/4 inch block between the wall and the flooring to provide an allowance for your baseboard trim.

Measure and Mark the Required Cuts

Measure and mark the laminate wood flooring that requires cutting with a pencil and measuring tape or T-square on the rear side. Usually, cutting is required if the walls in the room are not positioned at right angles, or if you require shorter or thinner boards. Make sure that the measurements are correct before embarking on cutting the laminate wood flooring.

Determine the Types of Saw Needed for the Cut

You have to determine which type of saw you need to cut the laminate wood flooring. This will depend on the size of the cutting. Use miter saw for straight and small cuts. Use a jigsaw for irregular cuts. Use a table saw to cut the entire board (bigger cuts). If you want to cut across widths, use a circular saw.

Make the Cut on the Laminate Wood Flooring

After determining which type of saw you are using, wear your safety equipment, such as safety glasses, mask, and safety gloves before cutting. Place a painter’s tape onto the laminated side of the wood flooring where you are going to cut. This is to prevent the laminate surface from chipping. If you are cutting the flooring with a hand saw, cut it with the decorative side facing upwards. If you are cutting the flooring with a power saw, cut it with the underside facing upwards. Then, proceed to cut according to the measurements using the correct saw.