How to Cut Light Metal with a Keyhole Saw

What You'll Need
Keyhole saw
Protective eye wear
Keyhole blades

A keyhole saw is a type of hand tool that is used to make small awkward cuts in various soft materials. Most hardware stores carry these tools. A typical keyhole saw has one handle and several blades that can be attached to it. The blades range in length from five to fifteen inches.

Step 1 – Choosing the Best Blade

Determine which blade will be the most effective in cutting your materials. Be sure you are using blades that are sharp. Securely attach the blade to the handle of the saw.

Step 2 – Making a Starting Hole

Put on your protective eye wear before you begin any cutting work. Use a drill to make a small hole in the material you will be cutting. You will insert the keyhole saw into the hole. This will be the starting point for the rest of the cuts.

Step 3 – Cutting with the Saw

Move your keyhole saw in an up and down or forward and backward direction. Use a pencil line to guide your cutting. Apply a gentle force as you move the saw. Too much pressure may cause the blade to become stuck.