How to Cut Metal Flashing

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-50
What You'll Need
Metal cutting snips
Measuring tape
Straight edge

Metal flashing has a number of different functions all around the home. Cutting this metal flashing proves to be a very challenging process if the proper tools and methods are not undertaken. Thus, this article will show how to cut a metal flashing, making the job easier.

Step 1 - Flat Surface

Lay down the metal flashing on a flat surface, where there would be no occurrence or problems.

Step 2 - Measurement

Measure the size of the metal flashing and make the necessary markings with a pencil, to point out the cutting line. Then, square this line which is marked with the help of a straight edge, so as to cut a straight line. Do not forget to wear gloves and safety eyeglasses, in order to protect you from getting any dust in your eyes.

Step 3 - Cutting Snips

Start right from the edge of the metal flashing with the snips. Make sure that the line is cut along with the straight edge. Cutting slowly with the help of the snips.

Step 4 - Continue the Process

Continue this step by cutting out an additional section of the metal flashing as required, with the help of the same process.