How to Cut Metal Siding

What You'll Need
Power shear
Marker pen
Flat work surface
Combination square
Tape measure
Eye protection

Metal siding is made of different kinds of metals and is very helpful with its properties like durability and fire resistance. Regular maintenance of metal siding is needed as it may undergo decay. With proper tools, cutting metal siding is not a tough job to accomplish. There are many different methods to cut metal siding, such as using a reciprocating saw, electric shears, aviation snips (tin snips), metal shears (jump shears), or an abrasive saw blade. Nonetheless, power shearing tends to be the best method to cut metal sidings.

Step 1: Selecting the Surface

The metal siding is placed on a strong surface. The surface has to be horizontal, as the siding may slip and get damaged.

Step 2: Marking the Siding

Using a permanent marker to make a line on which to cut the metal siding. The marking should be appropriate to the required measurements where the metal should be cut. Calculate the measurements more than once for accuracy.

Step 3: Cutting the Siding

Place the power shears on the line marked. Start the trigger and begin cutting. Do not try to hurry, as it may cause a bad cut and increase risk. Gently start pushing the power shears along the line of the panel to make a neat cut.


  • Use gloves and eye protection for safety.
  • Do not hurry while cutting the metal siding.