How to Cut Metal Venetian Blinds

There are many reasons a person will want to cut metal venetian blinds. However, there is one common theme throughout the venetian blind world: because they do not fit the size of the window. If you have purchased venetian blinds only to realize that they do not fit your window, this can become a very aggravating and stressful situation. After all, you have already purchase the blinds, and now you must pay to have someone cut them for you.

Before you begin cutting the blinds, very, very carefully measure the size of the window. Be sure to leave enough room for the blinds to fit inside of the window; leaving about a quarter of an inch on either side will suffice. Once you have measured the window, you need to take a saw that is able to cut cleanly through metal in order to not destroy your metal venetian blinds.

Securely fasten the blinds onto the cutting area. If the blinds move around, you will not be able to cut them properly and you will end up destroying your blinds. Also, make a light mark on the blinds to indicate where you are going to cut. Use a ruler to ensure that the line is straight. Then, grab your saw and begin cutting!